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Peaceful, welcoming and full of potential, I am drawn to my shop nestled in the woods.  I designed and built the 1,800 sq. foot shop with 10.5 foot ceilings to provide ample space to create large projects.  The workshop is super-insulated with passive and active solar heat, passive cooling, abundant natural light and rain water capture.  

A full complement of tools and equipment enable the harvest, drying and complete working of wood, stone, glass and most metals.  

Woods in stock include over 30 species with high figure and natural edges.  In addition to a dozen rich local woods, I have: Elm crotch; Apple slab and trunk; Pau Ferro; huge Walnut cut 150 year ago; Cherry burl; Butternut trunk; large Bubinga slab; Old-growth Mahogany; Myrtle burl; Cocobolo; Macassar, Striped and Gabon  Ebony; large Lignum Vitae blocks; Apricot; Madrone burl;  Big-leaf maple burl, Spruce burl; Eastern Hemlock cut 135 years ago; Boxwood trunks; Hickory; Zebrawood; Teak; Service berry and Wild grape.  

Stones include: salvaged 135 year-old school board slate, Orthoceras fossil clusters, Phylite, Basalt, Diorite, Granite, Marble, Sand stone and Lava. I also inventory deer antlers, ribs, bird feathers and porcupine quills.

Some of natures most beautiful gifts and an inspiring space for creation.