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Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB
Public bench designs- 1993
Provided requested collection of concept drawings.


 University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB
 Public garden seating (Jacob’s Yard)- 2004
 Submitted design of curved, cantilevered benches and landscape.

 Saint John Energy, Saint John, NB
 Public mural, bench and table- 2008
 Winner of Maritime-wide open competition.  “Natural energy” mural- Cedar, Mahogany, acrylic, etched glass, stainless steel.

 Province of New Brunswick, New Brunswick Art Bank
 “Spider base” end table- 2010.
  Curly Ash crotch, Walnut.

 City of Fredericton, NB
 Fredericton Convention Centre Foyer Mural- 2010 (see below).
 Short listed- Curved Mural- Cedar, Fredericton Elm, Redwood, Mahogany.

 City of Fredericton, NB
 Public “Art”/ High water mark project- 2015 (see above).
 Co-submitted with Alana Baird.  Design shown is my version.
                                                                                                 Reinforced concrete, aluminum, stainless steel, sealed bearings.  Displays water level by base shape and working depth gauge.   Dynamic wind sculpture above acts as a functional wind direction  and speed indicator.  Additionally, the upper tip and designed base area functions as a seasonal sundial.

 University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB
 Art Centre public benches- 2019
 Yellow Birch, White Pine, Walnut.

Shelia Hugh Mackay Foundation/New Brunswick Museum      Antler table and Mahogany/Elm cabinet- 2020- 2021