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Bruce Gray is a highly-respected visual artist who has devoted 30 years to creating art with natural materials.  He works with unique local and exotic woods, incorporating glass, stone and fossils in his creations.  

He received Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from Colorado State University and a Masters of Science in Engineering from the University of Washington.  His work has been commissioned for international, provincial, municipal, university, corporate and private collections.  He has exhibited at solo shows and juried exhibitions in Atlantic Canada, Toronto and New York City. His designs and research findings have been published in leading design and arts magazines, and he has been featured in several CBC-TV documentaries.  He is the recipient of the 2019 Strathbuter Arts Award.

Bruce lectures, conducts workshops and juries for both provincial and municipal art organizations. He has taught courses and lectured at the New Brunswick College of Crafts and Design, University of New Brunswick and Colorado State University.

Bruce Gray resides with his partner on the shore of Belleisle Bay in Kars, New Brunswick.