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I have devoted 30 years to creating art with natural materials- unique local and exotic woods, glass, stone and fossils.  My internationally exhibited, award-winning works are a sensitive testament to nature.  They are also frequently commentaries on mankind and our relationship to the earth.





“Mr. Gray’s unique vision and expertise has enriched the palette of contemporary Canadian art.” Jason Alcorn, Chair, Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation.

“Bruce is one of the finest artists working in the medium of wood in Canada today, and his sense of creativity, superior level of craft, and pursuit of experimentation are second to none.”  John Leroux, Manager of Collections and Exhibitions, Beaverbrook Art Gallery.


 "Science and art come together in the creative genius of Bruce Gray...a seamless blend of the aesthetic with the practical and the functional."  Marie E. Maltais, Director, UNB Art Centre.

“Bruce Gray’s artistry resides in the fusion of a technical mastery of materials and a deeply spiritual connection with the natural world.” Jury statement, Strathbutler Award- AnnManuel, Jennifer Macklem and Richard Martin.

“Bruce Gray is utterly fluent in his craft, creating works that evoke elemental concerns and powerful emotions about life and meaning.” Freeman Patterson, Photographer, Author, Gardener.